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Our practice uses the global dental implant registry FindMyImplant to register details of dental implants placed in our patients.

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Our patients useFindMyImplant to allow any dentist anywhere in the world access their dental implant records in times of maintenance, complications or when making new crowns. This can happen decades from now!  

With millions of dental implants being placed each year, professionals like myself can’t allow my patients to leave my rooms without a failsafe method in accessing patient implant info when needed anywhere in the world. 

Welcome to the future of dental implant data analytics!  It starts now with  

FMI Contact Us History of FMI

Dr Paul Botha has been the designer of the new dental implant global register and dental implant practice management system called ‘’.

This emerged from years of frustration wrestling with the paper trail identification system used by dentists. allows the dental surgeon to place the relevant implant data on the web-based system, with the patient’s permission, for retrieval at any time in the future.

The system sends the patient an email with the log in details so that in times of troubleshooting or the making of new prostheses the attending dentist can quickly access the patient’s implant details. This may be only decades later! has been enthusiastically accepted by patients and dentists alike since its launch on 29 June 2016. We look forward to a future of developing the program to stay a leader in the world of post-surgical dental data analytics.

For dentists: Registration on is free and you get three free credits to register existing patients so that you can get an idea of the simplicity and efficiency of  

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