Co-Axis Implants


Co –Axis Implants

The Co –Axis implant is a unique South African product designed by Dr Dale Howes and sold by Southern Implants.  There is no other similar system in the

 world.  This unique angled implant allows clinicians to easily produce screw-retained dental prostheses which makes a crown or bridge ‘retrievable’ if there is a screw loosening.

 Also with ‘Teeth-in-a-Day’  (Implants placed in the morning, impressions taken and interim fixed teeth placed that evening) the screw-retained teeth is easily achievable in most cases. 

This poster was presented at the 1st South Africa African Association of Osseointegration in Cape Town on 25 & 26 October 2014.  It reveals the impeccable bone levels achieved over a 4 year period with Co-Axis dental implants.

 The laboratory work was done by FK Dental in Durbanville, South Africa. 


Co-Axis Implants poster presentation:

Download Poster Presentation (File Size 3.5MB): Click Here


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